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English: A Christmas Carol

Analysing arguments and presenting a point of view

Charles Dickens

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The Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas by the BBC (While Charles Dickens did not invent the Victorian Christmas, his book A Christmas Carol is credited with helping to popularise and spread the traditions of the festival. Its themes of family, charity, goodwill, peace and happiness encapsulate the spirit of the Victorian Christmas, and are very much a part of the Christmas we celebrate today.)

Victorian England

BBC History : Victorians (Queen Victoria, major events, industrial england, welfare and health, technology and daily life)

Museum of London : What was life like for children in Victorian London



EBENEZER SCROOGE: a miserly, money-hungry businessman

BOB CRATCHIT: Scrooge’s clerk

FRED: Scrooge’s nephew

TINY TIM: the lame son of the Cratchits

PETER CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s eldest son

MRS. CRATCHIT: Bob Cratchit’s wife

JACOB MARLEY: Scrooge’s business partner who died seven years ago


TWO PORTLY GENTLEMEN: two men raising money for the poor

FRAN: Scrooge’s little sister and Fred’s mother

MR. FEZZIWIG: Scrooge’s first employer

MRS. FEZZIWIG: Mr. Fezziwig’s wife

DICK WILKINS: another apprentice at Fezziwig’s establishment

BELLE: a woman Scrooge had been engaged to in his youth

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: the first of the spirits foretold by Marley who shows Scrooge his past Christmases.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: the second of the spirits foretold by Marley that shows Scrooge Christmas celebrations in the present time

BELINDA CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s second daughter

LITTLE BOY CRATCHIT: another Cratchit son

LITTLE GIRL CRATCHIT: another Cratchit daughter

MARTHA CRATCHIT: the eldest daughter of the Cratchit’s

FRED’S WIFE: the wife of Scrooge’s nephew

PLUMP SISTER: the sister of Fred’s wife

TOPPER: a guest of Fred’s, who is in love with the plump sister

THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME: the third spirit foretold by Marley that shows Scrooge Christmases in the Future

OLD JOE: a pawnshop owner

CHARWOMAN: Scrooge’s housekeeper

MRS. DILBER: Scrooge’s laundress

UNDERTAKER’S MAN: a man who has no ethics about stealing from the dead

CAROLINE AND HER HUSBAND: two people who owed money to Scrooge who are happy when he dies

BOY: the boy Scrooge sends to buy the big prize turkey

BELLE'S HUSBAND: a man who sees Scrooge on the night Marley dies

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