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Research Tools: Presenting Information

Creative Presentation Ideas

  1.  What do I need to communicate?
  2.  Identify your audience. (Young? Adult? Professional? Non-Scientific? etc.)
  3.  What are your strengths
  4.  What medium will connect with both the information and the audience?
    • Video 
      • Advertisement
      • Film Clip
      • Film Trailer 
      • Montage 
      • Music Clip 
      • Cooking Show Demonstration 
      • 'How To' Video 
      • Play School Version 
      • Mash-Up
    • Model / Physical Object / Diorama 
    • Artwork / Photography / Sample Board / Collage 
    • Performance - Song / Drama / Dance / Speech / Poem / Story Telling / etc. 
      • Change the lyrics of a well known song to explain your ideas.
    • Electronic - Presentation 

Don't be afraid to take another framework and re-create it to suit your topic. If there is a purpose and meaning behind your creative creation and it can be explained, then give it a go.  

Examples of creatively merging ideas.

- Air NZ and Middle Earth

- Further ideas here.

When you have selected your medium, ask yourself these questions:

  1.  How does my medium connect with my audience or messageWhat is the 'story' behind the connection?
  2.  Logistics: How long will this take to create? What equipment do I need?


Making a Presentation

If you suffer from stage fright or panic attacks ... maybe knowing the science of your brain behind it might help...