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Health & Physical Education: Teenage Pregnancy

Australian Statistics

Teen pregnancies back on the rise. The Age.   by Rachel Browne   

Teenage pregnancy trend. October 28, 2011, 6:18 pm Lynda Kinkade Today Tonight

Facts on teenage pregnancy give cause for pause by: Bernard Salt From: The Australian April 11, 2013

Teenage pregnancy by countries

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Fertility rates

Teenage Pregnancy Support Services

Teenage Pregnancy Support  We've put together a list of support organisations that are helpful for pregnant teenagers and teenage parents. If you have support organisations that you think should be listed here please email Jane.


Brave Foundation aims to build a comprehensive list of community service providers Australia Wide, that deliver parenting, health, social and wellbeing support to young women experiencing unplanned pregnancy and parenting.

Teenage Pregnancy welfare

Teenage Pregnancy: Fewer young people are giving birth now than in the 1970s. This is most likely because of improvements in sex education, availability of contraception and access to abortion. Young women can access pregnancy counselling from an independent trained counsellor who can provide up-to-date information on each pregnancy option and support her in making a free and fully informed decision.   

A year in the lives of teenage mothers trying to raise their babies and stay at school. In Sydney's outer-western suburbs is a school that looks like any other. But at Plumpton High, there is something quite unique: a teenage-mothers program that helps them stay at school. With extracts from Present, Pregnant and Proud, by Kay Boulden, for the Association of Women Educators. A lot of valuable resources about Teenage Pregnancy also included under further resources.

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