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Health & Physical Education: Teenage Welfare

Mental Health Support Services

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience. Watch the "I am Anxiety clip" or scroll down and click onto the Young people link

There’s a difference between good stress and bad stress. Good stress can help you get through tough situations because you’re alert and ready to face the thing you’re anxious about. Bad stress is when you feel uptight and nervous all the bloody time. Stress relief is about finding ways to manage your anxiety. There’s plenty of info on it here - plus what could be going on if it’s something more serious.

Body Dismorphic Disorder : Body dismorphic disorder Everyone has times when they feel self-conscious about their body, but when it starts impacting on everyday life it can be classed as body dysmorphic disorder.

Self harm : Self harm People self-harm for a lot of different reasons and there’s no one reason why people do it. It’s not just physical stuff like cutting, it can also be hurting yourself on the inside or depriving yourself of something. There are other ways of coping rather than hurting yourself and the stuff here can help you work through your problems and learn how to deal with them differently.

Teen health ages 12-17 : Self harm If you are close to people who choose to cut or burn themselves, it can be really tough to cope with, and hard to understand. The reasons people harm themselves are complicated. Self-harming usually does not mean that a person wants to commit suicide or that they are looking for attention. Usually when people harm themselves, they are suffering a great deal inside.

Kids helpline : Self harm Being a teenager can be a confusing time and has been described as being like 'one big roller-coaster ride'. Although there are many reasons why teenagers harm themselves, each person's story is unique. Self-harm can be a way for a person to:

Teenage welfare: General information

Troubled Teen 101 Troubled Teen 101 is presented for parents in need of teen help.  We offer information on teen issues, problems, and behavior disorders. We give recommendations on programs for troubled teens, boarding schools, and other teen boot camp alternatives for teen help. We also provide details on various types of programs for teens including military schools, boot camps, and wilderness programs. Our troubled teen help reps will not recommend these short term options. We believe in promoting home based solutions and then long term options.