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Religious Studies: Unit 1 - Area of Study 3: Religious Identify and Life Experience

Study Design Outcomes

Key Knowledge

  • The impact of life experiences on identity
  • The personal meaning and identity that is found and further developed through engagement with relevant 8 aspects of religion.
  • The ways selected aspects of religion may assist members to find and then further develop personal meaning and identity.
  • The ways in which the religious traditions can assist members through important life passages and events.
  • Specific occasions when members have been challenged by their religious tradition to change and grow.
  • The tension that can occur between members and a religious tradition over issues of authority, freedom, interpretation of beliefs and teaching, and behaviour.
  • The extent to which the expectations, judgments and involvement of members can contribute to the development of a religious tradition.

Key Skills

  • Identify how a range of life experiences may have an impact on identity.
  • Describe how religious traditions can contribute to the life experience and search for personal meaning and identity of members.
  • Analyse points of tension between members and their religious tradition.
  • Evaluate the extent to which the expectations, judgments and involvement of members can contribute to the development of a religious tradition
  • Interpret and synthesise source material.

Study Design -


Life Changing Events - Examples

Les Miserables - When Valjean is caught fleeing with the Bishop’s stolen silver, the Bishop vouches for Valjean and gives him more valuables.

Jean Valjean's Soliloquy - What Have I done? (Voice Over to Images) 

Jean Val Jean - (Early film) 

Christian Mystics

Julian of Norwich 


Catholic Encyclopedia

Hildegard of Bingen 

Biography - Part 1 Part 2 

Trailer for Visions film 

Francis of Assisi 



Martin Luther

Biography Video

Religious Diversity

An article titled 'The Challenge of Religious Diversity and Revitalisation to the Secularity of Australian Universities' by Professor Gary D Bouma from The University of Western Sydney.
This article, whilst focused on the role of universities, provides many ideas for looking at religious diversity in Australian society.