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Religious Studies: Distinctive Belief Case Studies


All major world religions possess beliefs about six key areas. We call these beliefs 'Distinctive Beliefs'. In this course, students will explore ethical issues as they arise in each distinctive belief. This way we can explore what each religion offers to the debate on the ethical issues and allows us to cover a wide range of topics for discussion. 

Course Information

Study Design: See Unit 2 - Ethics and Morality

Distinctive Belief: The Relationship between the Ultimate Reality and Humans

Above are a series of new documents on the Catholic Church's position on issues concerning the 2016 election. 

Should religion be kept out of politics?

Distinctive Belief: The Meaning of Life and Death

Distinctive Belief: The Nature and Purpose of Human Life

Should I sell my kidneys?

Distinctive Beliefs: The Relationship between Humans

How should we treat the stranger?


Good News Stories 

Would you pay extra for lunch to feed a homeless person?

The Big Issue celebrates 20 years (podcast) 


Distinctive Belief: The Relationship between Humans and the Natural Environment

Distinctive Belief: Ultimate Reality