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Resources in the library

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Finding Science Articles

Use the search boxes on the following websites to find relevant articles (keep your search terms simple to begin with!):


For Academic Journal Articles  

For Open Access Journal Articles: 

For Restricted Access Journal Articles: Requires a Victorian State Library Card: 

What's the difference between open access and restricted access?

Open access articles are free to the public to read the entire article. Restricted access articles require a payment or subscription access (say through a library). We can no longer judge the quality of journal articles based on how we access them - you are more likely to find reliable research in restricted access locations HOWEVER we now need to always be vigilant in applying our critical mind no matter where a source comes from.   

No matter where you find science resources or academic research we must ALWAYS use a critical mind - ask questions, check authors, evaluate evidence, examine the scope of the research. For a very interesting read on the issues surrounding current scientific research read The Knowledge Wars by Peter Doherty. (Available in the library)

Exam Tips for Science

  • Practise Past Papers or previous exams. 
  • Reduce each topic down to a single sheet of paper
    • Use a concept map
    • Arrows to indicate connections
    • Images to symbolise and help you remember

  • Think about possible questions that could be on the test.
  • Make flashcards and have someone quiz you
  • Watch videos online about the topic.
  • Use a science dictionary if you are unsure of any terms.
  • Think about where the topics apply to real life situations and connect to what you already know. Science is a very practical subject making these connections will make the material relevant to you and easier to recall.

Magazine Articles and Podcasts

COSMOS Magazine - The Science of Everything 
Use the TOPICS tab to find current science news stories online. Print copies of this magazine are kept in the Library for use too.  

New Scientist Topic Guides
We subscribe to the print edition)

Click here to more Science Magazines


National Geographic 

Carl Zimmer is the author of The Loom. He is an award-winning science writer whose work appears frequently in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other publications.

Senior Science Databases for Journal Articles

The databases below provide access to papers written by scientists and researches.  

Environmental Information. EBSCO Database with free access. 


"About 13000 scientific journals are now available in the 'Open Science Directory'. When all the special program journals will be included, the Open Science Directory will contain more than 20000 titles."

General Science Understandings


Quick Reference

Search the Library Catalogue Here

How to create a Bibliography 

Great Science Channels

Think Big Youtube Channel

TED-ED Lessons worth sharing 

The Science Channel Youtube

The Sci Show with Hank Green

Earth Science Vides

Individual Videos

Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (History of Physics, 42mins) At about 6 mins the History starts.