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Analysing arguments and presenting a point of view

For Teachers

Confused by spelling?


Word of the Day

Know Your Novels

Spark Notes Videos

Thug Notes is a YouTube Chanel discussing classic texts - To Kill a Mockingbird, Great Gatsby, etc. 

Episode 2: VCE English & Lit Guides - State Library of Victoria

English Exams Revision Strategies

  • Read study guides for your text (are there online articles and study notes on your text too?)
  • Read sample essays
  • Re-read, tab, highlight and annotate your set texts.  
  • Practice writing essays
  • Practice writing introductions and conclusions
  • Practice planning to time
  • Develop word and quote banks
  • Make help notes on each of the topics
  • Watch film of the text if available
  • Write chapter summaries
  • Create a glossary of terms / metalanguage bank
  • Research essay writing techniques
  • Look up words you don’t know / Use a thesaurus to expand your vocabulary
  • Turn your notes into CramCards
  • Listen to the audio of your text – this could be on your phone on the way to work.

Read Widely and Broadly

Mechanics of English

Sentences by RMIT

Types of Clauses : Includes other aspects of Grammar

Grammar Bytes : Definitions, handouts, exercises and links to tutorials on Youtube


BBC bite-size - sentences activity

A fun interactive quiz with animation, to teach you clearly about clauses and punctuation.

Essay writing help

English Teachers for 2020

Mrs Kate Watts
(Head of Domain)

Mrs Maria Slater

Mrs Terrie Driscoll

Mr Davide Angelo

Mrs Sue Bradley

Ms Dianne Hill

Mrs Michelle Everett

Mrs Amy Clark

Mrs Rebecca Boxshall

Mrs Natasha Johnston

Mrs Mary Ann Tonini

Miss Kylie Henriksen