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English: Unit 2 : Reading and Comparing Texts - Macbeth and The Great Gatsby

Analysing arguments and presenting a point of view

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William Shakespeare & Elizabethan England

William Shakespeare Synopsis, Mysterious Origins, Early Life, Married Life, Theatrical Beginnings, Establishing Himself, Writing Style, Early Works: Histories and Comedies, Later Works: Tragedies and Tragicomedies, Death, Controversy and Literary Legacy.

William Shakespeare, Elizabethan times and Elizabethan Era Index  Interesting facts and information about William Shakespeare in Elizabethan times. Short biography about the life of William Shakespeare - Poet, Playwright, Dramatist and Actor. Facts and History of William Shakespare.

Elizabethan witches and witchcraft  Interesting facts, information and timeline of Elizabethan witchcraft and witches, Elizabethan witch trials, Black witches and White witches (Cunning folk), punishment of Elizabethan witches and the Elizabethan belief in witches.

Macbeth background (BBC Bitesize: political, philosophical, historical, Shakespeare and the court.)

Quotations from Macbeth

Important quotations from the play This is our Macbeth project.  It contains summaries, quotes, and quizzes for each of the five acts. Test how well you really know Macbeth, or look for study and essay writing tips.  If you need it, it's here! 

Macbeth Navigator : Notable Quotes Famous passages briefly explained. Also has links to other areas such as themes, summaries, character reviews etc.

Quotes provided by Shmoop summaries, themes, quotations, flashcards, characters

Media links

Humorous take on the superstition of mentioning the name of the play Macbeth. Check out the origins of the superstition.

Who is the real Macbeth?

The Real Macbeth from BBC History 

King Macbeth of Scotland (1040-1057)

Characters in Macbeth

Macbeth characters Simple list and summary of the main characters in the play.

Characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth Some detailed information on each of the charatcers in the play

Study help

Sparknotes provides Act summaries, themes, character studies, plot overview etc.

Macbeth Study guide from Shakespeare online

About Shakespeare: Macbeth Study Guide

Full text of Macbeth

There are print copies of these in the library: 822.33 T5

Writing a Macbeth essay

How to Write a Good Essay

How to Use Quotes in an Essay

1. The whole purpose of using a quote is to back up the points you are making. 

You are using them to prove or illustrate your point.

2. Do not just put the quote in the middle of your text without introducing it with your own words.
(see examples below)

3. When you use a quotation, use this formula:

your words + the quote = a complete sentence

Incorrect: Macbeth decides not to kill the king. "If chance will have me king, why chance." (Quote needs to be linked to your words.  Also, the quote is not finished).

Correct: Macbeth decides not to kill the king and says,  "If chance will have me king, why chance/ may crown me without my stir."               

Quoted from
This website suggests you need to cite the act and scene, CCB does not expect you do this in your essays.  Just use appropriate quotations and use them well