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English: Unit 2 : The Crucible

Analysing arguments and presenting a point of view

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller Biography: Screenwriter, Playwright (1915-2005) From

The history behind The Crucible

Salem witch trials documentary archive. Includes documents and transcriptions, historical maps, archival collections and notable people


Spartacus Educational : McCarthyism (background to political era of USA in the 1950s) includes : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the HUACHollywood Motion Picture IndustryRed Channels & the BlacklistJoseph McCarthyMcCarthyismEnd of McCarthyism​

Reds under the Beds. From Alpha history website

Media portrayals

The film

The film of The Crucible starring Daniel Day Lewis etc

Study guides

The Crucible quotations from Good reads


Use the History in Context search to locate information about Miller, McCarthyism and the Salen Witch Trials.

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