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Catherine McAuley College: St Mary's Home

Welcome to your digital library

St Mary's Library Staff

Mrs Sharon Wallace    Head of Library / Information Support Services

Mrs Michelle Johns   Library Technician

Ms Julieanne Hewitt   Library Technician

Study Skills Help

Mrs Sharon Wallace (St Mary's) or Ms Cross (St Mary's or Coolock) are available to help develop your study skills in all the following areas:  

  • Setting up a study timetable
  • Finding relevant and reliable information
  • Exam Preparation
  • Revision Strategies
  • Summarising/Note-taking
  • Time Management
  • Discovering your learning style 

Book a session by sending an email through to us or dropping by the Library.
Each session is a maximum of 45 mins long, it may be shorter depending on your request.


Mission Statement

Our Mission; Our Place 

Our library is a place..

To Aspire and Inspire,

To Relax and Enjoy,

To Think and Imagine

To Reflect and Peruse.

It is Our Place to Explore; to Discover;

To Live Mercy.

It is Our Shared Place where we can Realise Our Potential; 

Where we can Succeed Together.

Famous Quotes

Keep your eyes  on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

Theodore Roosevelt


Search Other Libraries

If you are a member of any of the libraries below, you can log in using your library card number and access many of their electronic subscriptions and databases, such as Encyclopaedias, Reference sites etc. All of these could be of immense value to your studies.

Becoming a member of one of these libraries is quite easy.

For the Goldfields Library, visit and fill in a form to join.

For the State and National Libraries,  it is just a matter of clicking on the link and filling out an on-line application form. It will not cost you anything, and your card will usually arrive in the post within a week.

Once you have your card it's just a matter of going on-line and using your card number to access electronic databases and encyclopaedias.


Bendigo Writers Festival 2020

CBCA 2020




Renaissance Reading

To access Renaissance Home click on the link below. This is where you log in to complete the reading tests and check your progress

Follow the instructions below if you have forgotten How to use the Library Catalogue to search for your Lexile level books.

Follow these instructions if you have forgotten How to access a Reading Quiz. You compete the reading quiz after you have read your lexile level book. 


Time Management - Schedule Your Day

State Library of Victoria - Vision 2020 Revealed

Bill Gates on Reading

War Fiction

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, why not immerse yourself by reading one of the many great war novels?

Browse our War Fiction shelves or ask us for a recommendation. Listen to Jennifer Bryne on Book Club discuss Great War Stories below.

Did you know, many war novels are actually Anti-War? It makes sense when you think about it - any portrayal of the realities of wars can only serve to discourage any haste to war.

Another way to commemorate the centennial is to listen to some war poetry - try Wilfred Owen's Dulce Et Decorum Est, read by Ralph Fiennes

What to read next?

Summer Reads!

Books soon to be films... get in and read them before the film comes out! 


Article from ABC News

The university library in Mosul was actively attacked by Islamic State over the last 2 years, but amazingly the returning citizens have found surviving parts of the collection and put a message out to help relocate those surviving books and restock their missing collection. Donations and volunteers are helping to rebuild a city's right to freely access information and, ultimately, to make informed decisions for themselves once again.  Take the time to read this incredible story of hope in Mosul. 

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Cereal Readers eat book for breakfast

Book, Bowl and Spoon in Cereal Readers Logo

Cereal Readers is a book resource website where you can find books published in series for children and young adults. We recognize that books in series are vitally important to both avid and reluctant readers alike. Why is that?

Well, if truth be told, we all prefer the familiar, and once you've read a book you enjoy there's a high probability you'll enjoy the other books in the series, too. You like the genre; you enjoy the writing style; you know the characters - it's simplicity itself to slip from one book to the next. If you're not an eager reader, you can leverage the time you've already invested in finally finding a book you enjoy, and delay your laborious search for a new novel of interest. Just relax and cruise your way through an entire series. If you're a voracious reader, you can take a reprieve from the never-ending hunt for the next good read for a whole...week. It's win-win!

Seriously Series-Centric

Our whole site is series focused in structure with the following features:

  • Series summary and detailed description of each book
  • Easy to navigate list of all books in a series
  • View series books in reading sequence
  • Printer-friendly list of titles to take to the library or bookstore
  • Detailed information on authors, including series by author
  • Search age categories for series by reading level
  • Keyword search for genres of interest

Cereal Readers wants to show you the popular series, as well as those fabulous series you had no idea even existed. Keep in mind, our site is fresh out-of-the-box and will be growing week-by-week. Apart from continuing to build our reference of series and authors, we will be adding reviews, site features and visitor interactivity in the months to come. Please let us know if a series you particularly enjoy has not yet been included on the site, so we can hasten its arrival. Wishing you happy serial reading, from Cereal Readers!