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Catherine McAuley College: 6 Steps

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Researching for assignments can be made easier if you follow a series of simple steps. The 6 steps that we suggest will make you think about the assignment you are completing. Each of the steps : Defining, Locating, Selecting, Organising, Presenting and Evaluating will help you achieve a sense of success when beginning, progressing and finishing your assignment.

What are the 6 steps?


What do I need to find out about this topic?




Where can I find the information I need?




How do I select the best resources for my research task?




What is the best way to put the information together for my final project?




Who is the audience for my presentation and what is the best format I should use?




How well did I do? Did I answer all my focus questions?

20 minutes to success

Dr Suess: Who am I? I am who?

1. Defining: What do I know about Dr Suess? What do I want to learn about him?

2. Locating: Where do I go to locate resources?

3. Selecting: What resources are worthwhile? What do I need to use?

4. Organising: How do I put all the information together? What is worthwhile? Is my draft on task?

5. Presenting: What is the best way I can present this? Was there a format I had to use?

6. Evaluating: Did I answer my questions?



Information skills @ CMC Libraries

Studyvibe is a site that will help you with setting study goals, provide graphic organisers for note taking, research strategies and much more

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The Research Safari has links for all of the 6 steps, explaining the process and offering strategies for successful research

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