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Catherine McAuley College: Evaluating

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Evaluating:  What did I learn from this? How did I go - with each of the 6 steps? How did I go - presenting the information to my teacher, my class?

Finished! Am I happy?

Self evaluation

The project has been completed and now you really should spend a little time reflecting on the steps that got you to the end.

Common problems from start to finish

1. Not making sure before you start

  • what exactly the project/topic is supposed to cover
  • What exactly you are supposed to do with your information - write an essay, make a powerpoint, present an oral presentation?

2. Not working out before you start

  • what kind of information you want, eg, opinion, evidence, data etc.
  • Where you could find this information - thinking that you will always find it in one book or one website instead of thinking more broadly
  • that you need keys to unlock this information - good net searching skills, using contents and indexes

3. Not being able to use keywords to skim, scan and read, listen and view - selectively - critically - comparing information

4. Not being able to take notes which record only what is important, and not being able to organise your notes so that you can find         information you remember writing down.

5. Not being able to present a message to an audience clearly and concisely.

6. Not being able to feel like a researcher, able to work out what you did well, where you could have done better, where you could           have asked for some help.