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Welcome to your digital library

Bendigo Writer's Festival!

Improve Your Writing

With TED-ed videos you can tweak your writing one video at a time!

Winter: The Prefect Time For Reading...

Borrowed a few good books
to read in front of the fire

TIPS for reading more ... 

Take advantage of 'wait time' - carry a book with you all the time.

Challenge yourself - 20 pages per day. 

Most books take 50 pages before you are hooked... don't give up too early!

We now have over 1000 titles available at your finger tips to read on your electronic device. ebooks are borrowed for two weeks and will disappear from your device at the end of that time - there is no need to return them and NO RISK of having an overdue library book. (You can re-borrow if you need too!)

So if you want to give it a go click on the Wheelers ebook link (will take you straight to CCB ebooks). Start browsing and when you have found one, just login with your email address and get the password from your library staff.

Study ... Some things to ponder ...

eBook made by Learners

Set Your Reading Goal for 2017!

The best way to achieve something is to set a goal. Something just beyond what you normally could achieve and work regularly in small steps to make it come true. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!  

So... What's your Reading Goal for 2017?

National Reconciliation Week 2019