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Humanities: Unit 1 : Power, Politics and Democracy

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ABC Fact Check



ABC Fact Check – Jobs & Unemployment: What’s the real story in Tasmania 

ABC Fact Check – Is Qantas on an ‘unlevel’ playing field 

ABC Fact Check – Anthony Albanese on Govt Ownership of Airlines: WRONG 

ABC Fact Check – How does the ‘Renewable Energy Target’ affect your power bill? 

ABC Fact Check – Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer on Australia’s Refugee intake: INCORRECT 

ABC Fact Check – Is Australia responsible for Asylum Seekers detained on Manus: CLOSE TO THE MARK 

ABC Fact Check – Did the SA Economy go backwards last year: SELECTIVE

ABC Fact Check - Bill Shorten on manufacturing job loss figures – CHERRYPICKING

ABC Fact Check  - SPC Ardmona, Labour costs NOT to high 

ABC Fact Check – Schapelle Corby unlikely to be able to keep interview money 

ABC Fact Check – Bill Shorten car subsidy numbers out-dated: IRRELEVANT 

ABC Fact Check – Malcolm Turnbull on Australian farmers amongst world’s least subsidised: CORRECT 

ABC Fact Check – Brendan O’Connor on Cole royal commission costs: INCORRECT 

ABC Fact Check – Does Mandatory Sentencing Reduce Crime: OVERREACH 

ABC Fact Check – ACTU’s Ged Karney Wages Productivity Claim: OVERSTATED 

ABC Fact Check – Tony Abbott on asylum seekers breaking the law: INCORRECT 

ABC Fact Check – Kevin Andrews claim Australia headed for EU Welfare Spending: WRONG 

ABC Fact Check – Has plain tobacco packaging failed to stop people smoking: WRONG 

ABC Fact Check – Clive Palmer’s billionaire status no longer certain: UNCERTAIN 

ABC Fact Check – Tony Abbott Same-Sex Marriage Laws 

ABC ACT Lateline – Federal Govt to Challenge ACT Same-Sex Marriage Laws 

ABC Fact Check – Will the ACT’s Marriage-Equality Bill survive a High Court Challenge 

ABC Fact Check – Would a delay in ACT same-sex marriage avoid leaving couples in limbo 

ABC Fact Check – High Court Decision on ACT same-sex marriage laws 

Clarke&Dawe YouTube Channel 

Clarke & Dawe: A Welcome to Contemporary Australia 

Clarke & Dawe: An important and very timely performance review 

Clarke & Dawe: Mixed fortunes for Australians in Sochi 

Clarke & Dawe: A broad understanding of Australia in its many aspects 

Clarke & Dawe: An important announcement 

Clarke & Dawe: Turning back the news where it is safe to do so


Topic 2: Happy Valentine’s Day, from your secret admirer Adolph Hitler! Big Idea: What happens when governments decide to play ‘cupid’?