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Humanities: History: Popular Culture

Australia in the 1960s

Food in the 1960s

Food in the 60s (Website provided by the Kraft Company). Has a timeline of Australian eating habits and foods eaten.

An Australian Food timeline (select 1960s and find out about new supermarkets, restaurants, cookerybooks, food habits)

Sport in the 1960s


7.30 Report - 22/11/2000: Cricket players share memories of tied Test  Nov 22, 2000 – KERRY O'BRIEN: Few, if any, cricket matches have managed to capture public imagination as the 1960 Brisbane test between Australia and ...


Rome 1960, Tokyo 1964, Mexico City 1968

Australian Olympic Committee (Select the year of the games from the 1960s and read about Australia's involvement)

Dawn Fraser at the 1964 Olympic Games


VFL Football history

Music in the 1960s


Stories of Australian Rock and Roll. Timeline

Textbook Extract: Australian Popular Culture (Scroll to page 458 for Australian Music)

Australian Music Center: Australian Music of the 1960s.

The Seekers

The World of the Seekers (Unofficial Seeker fan page)

Johnny O'Keefe

"Johnny rock 'n' Roll. (Website that has history profile of Johnny O'Keefe

Johnny O'Keefe Website (Official website)

She's my baby.

 John Farnham

 John Farnham Official Web site 

Fads in the 1960s


Crazy fads of the 1960s (A list of fads only)

8 groovy fads of the 60s (From how stuff works)

17 fads of the 60s as remembered (films, music, etc)

Annotated Bibliography

Go here to remind yourself how to create a Bibliography

Instructions for an Annotated Bibliography

  • Clear and concise annotation bibliography (Comment on the WHY you consider the resource to be reliable)


What makes a resource reliable?

  • WHO? From a reputable / reliable / authoritative source, e.g.  the government, a university, an expert in the area. Can you identify the author?
  • WHY? Try to determine the purpose behind the website: Is it to educate? To sell?

Example: (The annotated part is in italics)



Jones, A. (2010). The story of beginnings. Melbourne: Randon House Publishing.

This is a reliable source because firstly it is published in a book and secondly, because the author is an expert in the area of Modern History.


Maxillian, A. (2013, May 10). Australian History in 1960s. Retrieved May 20, 2013, from Australian History:

This is a reliable source because it is produced for educational purposes as indicated by the .edu in the URL.

Women's Weekly Digitised

Search the complete digitised cover to cover Women's Weekly magaziens from 1933 to 1982.


  • Fashion Images 
  • Recipes 
  • Articles 
  • Fads

Include the year in your search '1965' or '1961' etc. 

Television in the 1960s

Below are some commercials that aired on Australian television during the 1960s.

Mortein ad : Louey the Fly

Palmolive Dishing detergent with Madge


Bonds Cottontail briefs

Hills Hoist Clothes Line

History of Television in Australia

Television in Australia Australian Government website about the history of Television

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo