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Humanities: Decolonisation of India


Lord Mountbatten


Mountbatten and the transfer of power. On the 50th anniversary of Indian independence, Alan Johnson reassesses Mountbatten's role in the process of partition, and his legacy.(by Alan Campbell-Johnson.  History today Volume 47, Issue 9, September 1997))

Lord Louis Mountbatten (1900-1979) BBC History

Mountbatten's Plan for India

Jawaharlal Nehru

Encyclopaedia Britannica

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1947 Partition

Partition of India : The partition of India and the birth of Pakistan shaped the lives of generations of families. In the era of the Raj, India was the jewel in the imperial crown, uut in 1947 everything changed. (From the BBC)

Partition 70 years on - the turmoil, trauma - and legacy.  As India and Pakistan celebrate 70 years of independence, Andrew Whitehead looks at the lasting legacy of the partition of British India, and the turmoil and trauma which marred the birth of the two nations. is a Histories of Migration and Violence Project dedicated to creating an archive of knowledge about the Partition of the Indian subcontinent by the British in 1947.

Flashback to Indian Partition (BBC News)

The Hidden story of Partition and its legacies by Dr Crispin Bates

India, Pakistan's independence: The Story behind one of History's greatest mass migrations. (Faith, fury and fear: The story behind one of history's greatest mass migrations) by Monica Sarkar CNN (timeline and film footage)

BBC Partition Season: did India and Pakistan really need to split? Mark Tully says Britain "divided and quit" India and Pakistan in 1947, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to die. 70 years on he asks, did partition have to happen?

Primary Sources

The Road to  Partition 1939-1947 (The purpose of this document collection is to allow students and teachers to develop their own lines of historical enquiry or historical questions using original documents on this period of history. Students could work with a group of sources or particular document series which identifies a certain theme. Of course the sources offer students a chance to develop their powers of evaluation and analysis and support their course work. Teachers may wish to use the collection to develop their own resources or encourage students to ‘curate’ their own ‘exhibition’ of the most significant documents on the topic. Finally, there is an opportunity to consider film sources as interpretations of these events in relation to the documents by following the link to Pathé provided here.) National Archives United Kingdom.

Why Pakistan and India remain in denial 70 years on from partition. Yasmin Khan. The Guardian. 6th August, 2017

Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah by  Kallie Szczepanski of the ThoughtCo. (14th January, 2016)