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Humanities: VCE Sociology


Sociology focuses on the study of human behaviour and social interaction to understand how societies are organised, developed and change. Sociologists look at society using different theories in an attempt to objectively examine social issues and explain concepts. Sociology draws on scientific method in the exploration of social relationships and the outcomes of social activities. Sociologists work to develop a reliable and valid body of knowledge based on research. In doing so, they adhere to various ethical codes of conduct. The primary goal of research ethics is to protect the wellbeing of the groups and individuals with whom sociologists work. There are many different ways that students can gather information for analysis in the course of their study, such as case studies, surveys and participant observation. As students gather and use sources of evidence, they explore and apply the Australian Sociological Association's guidelines for conducting research.

Web sites


Australian Institute of Family Studies  - Family Matters Journal

Unit 4 Web sites

Australia21 - shaping the future

Department of the environment and Energy - Climate Change

Department of environment, land, water and planning

Dosomething - join millions of young people in a global movement for good





Unit 3 Web sites

Unit 3:

Australian indigenous HealthInfoNet

Australian Human Rights Commission : Close the Gap campaign

Cultural Infusion - building global harmony through intercultural action

Department of Immigration and border protection

Australian Human Rights Commissiopromotes and facilitates respect, n - Face the facts booklet - excellent resource for information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples, Children's rights, Asylum seekers and refugees, cultural diversity, disability rights, gender equality, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people, and older Australians

Making Multicultural Australia

RacismNoWay - anti racism education for Australian schools

Reconciliation Australia - promotes and facilitates respect, trust and positive relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Refugee Council of Australia