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Humanities: Cold War Origins

Plans (Marshall, Truman Doctrine)

The Marshall Plan (Cold War Museum)

The Marshall Plan (Marshall

The Truman Doctrine (History Learning Site)

The Truman Doctrine, 1947 ( Office of the Historian, US Department of State), Milestones 1945-1952

Berlin airlift

The Berlin Airlift ( maps, summaries, film clips)

Berlin Airlift - SpartacusEducational


Cold War alliances (Alpha History Site)

NATO - Homepage (History, including archives, photographs, film footage etc)

Warsaw Pact (History Learning Site)

The Warsaw Pact (Cold War  Museum)





The Tehran Conference, 1943 (Office of the Historian, US Department of State. Milestones 1937-1945)

The Tehran War Conference (History Learning Site)


The Yalta Conference ( Office of the Historian- Milestones - 1937-1945)

The Yalta Conference (Spartacus Educational)


The Potsdam Conference (Office of the Historian, US Department of State. Milestones -1937-1945)

The Potsdam Conference (History Learning Site)

Fact File : Potsdam Conference (BBC - WW2 People's War Timeline)

East vs West : Ideology


China 1949 to 1953 (History Learning Site)

The Chinese Revolution of 1949 (Office of the Historian, US Department of State) Milsetones - 1945-1952


Origins of the Cold War : Historiography

Who was to blame for the Cold War? (Includes many quotations from the Cold War period)

Famous quotes - Cold War (Ignore the World War One heading, just scroll down)

Historiography of the Cold War