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Humanities: Cold War detente

Multi media links

CNN Cold War Ep.16 Détente 1969-1975 

The Nixon Foundation: The Week that changed the World 

CNN Cold War Ep.20 Soldiers of God 1975-1988

Russian invasion of Afghanistan

Russian invasion of Afghanistan (History Learning Site)

Russia and Afghanistan (Institute for the Study of War)

China and Soviet Realtions

Sino-Soviet relations (Exploring Chinese History)

U.S. and China relations

The United States and China during the Cold War (The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History)

US & China relations (The Education abroad Network)

Why did China try to improve relations with the USA after 1970? (gcse

Sino-American relations

Ping pong diplomacy (April 6-17, 1971) (American Experience. Nixon's China game. People and Events PBS.)


Detente (History Learning Site)

Detente (BBC - GCSE Bitesize : Causes and limitations of detente)

Detente : Alpha History