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Religious Studies: Year 12 School-based RE

How to Live a Good Life - Research Personalities

Religious Figures 

- Pope Francis 

- Dorothy Day

- Julian of Norwich

- Leonardo Boff

- Thomas Merton

- Dali Lama

- Thomas Moore

Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Buddhist) 

Science Figures

Carlo Rovelli (Italian physicist)

- Alan Guth (Cosmology) 

- Stephen Hawking 

- Donald Knuth (Computing Science)

- Allan Sandage (Astronomer)

- Edward O. Wilson (Psychology)

Further links

Musical Figures

- Hans Zimmer (Film Music)

- Paul Kelly 

- Kev Carmody 



Environmentalists & Natural Science Figures

- David Attenborough

- Tim Flannery

- David Suzuki

- Jane Goodall

- Steve Irwin and family

- Dian Fossey

- Geoff Park 

Political Figures

- Noam Chomsky 


Mathematics Figures

- Perse Diaconis 



- Tim Winton 



- George Gittoes

- Banksy

- Ai Weiwei

- Artists as Activists

Other Lists

Nobel Prize Winners

Sydney Peace Prize Winners


Sporting Figures 

Musicians + Social Justice 

- U2 - Bono

- Bruce Springsteen 


- Photojournalists

- Wade Davis (Anthropology)

- Hans Rosling (Geography / Health) 

- Kenneth Arrow (Economist)

Business Figures 

- Bill Gates

- Jan Cameron (Kathmandu) 


Animal Welfare 

- Lyn White (Animals Australia)

- Peter Singer


Philosophers & Ethicists

- Peter Singer 

- Alain De Botton 

- More here


- Charlie Teo

- Victor Chang