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Humanities: Weimar & Nazi Germany

The War ends

Timeline of World War One. A great resource that lists important dates and events during World War One, with links to more information if required.

From the BBC - History site. The ending of the war and legacy of peace. (Includes the following: Russia's exit, Knock-on effect, German disillusionment, Collapse, Hard times, The Treaty of Versailles, An uneasy peace

Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates! The end of the war comes and the Kaiser abdicates and flees across the border into Holland.

Spartacus Educational : Kaiser Wilhlem II. Background information on the man and the ruler.

A look at the life of Kaiser Wilhelm II, through actual live footage, photographs and written comments.

Rise of Nazism

The Reichstag (Parliament) on fire! Nazis begin their rise to power

The Rise of Hitler : The History Place

The Rise of the Nazi Party : History Learning site

Museum of World War II Boston (The Rise of Nazism). This section contains artifacts specifically about the Rise of Nazism in Germany. This exhibit is exceptionally powerful in conveying a sense of how the Nazi party rose to power, permeating all areas of German life, especially the young. The museum's collection of personal artifacts of Hitler is truly remarkable.

Resources in the Library

There are many relevant printed resources in the Library. Here is just a selection.

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Germany and Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles :  The ConferenceAims , Terms ,  German reactions,   Verdicts ,  Other treaties

The Treaty of Versailles from the History learning site. Covers background, statistics, attitudes, terms etc.

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles through maps and images

The Treaty of Versailles (Primary document)

This day in History: Germans prepare to protest Versailles Treaty terms. (Includes information about war guilt)

Germany 1900-1945 Spartacus Educational

Nazi consolidation of power


The Trumph of Hitler : The History Place

The Nuremberg Laws

Anti-Jewish laws (Alpha History)

Nazi Germany in Graphics (Propaganda posters from the Nazi era privided by Alpha History)

Nazi Germany Topics (The growth of Nazism by Alpha History)

Appeasement (From History Channel, with photographs and videos)

Appeasement (From Spartacus Educational, with links to Primary Resources)

How appeasement led to Hitler's Rise to power and World War II