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Humanities: Unit 2: Globalisation

Published Articles

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  • American Weekly News magazine
  • Internation and American focus. 
  • Based in New York
  • Audience: All interested people.
  • World largest circulation - 25 million


  • Global focus - International news, business,, politics, finance, science & technology. 
  • Economic stance / bias - classical & economic liberalism: believes in free trade, globalisation, free immigration, and gun control, gay marriage, de-regulation, privatisation and legalisation of drugs. 
  • Two thirds of the staff based in London
  • Audience: highly education, executives and policy makers.
  • Videos

  • Global politics, economics and ideas
  • Attempts to simplify and clarify complex issues. 
  • About FP.
  • FP only allow non-suncribers 8 articles per month. Please contact us is there is a particular article your woudl like and can't access. 

  • Australian politics, society and culture
  • Contributers include very respected and porminent Australian authors and writers.  

  • Reports on issues of world poverty and inequality; the relationship between rich and poor, powerful and powerless; 'global justice'.
  • Sponsored by Oxfam, Christian Aid. 
  • Audence: Left-wing readers.
  • NI Aust. Blog and NI UK Blog.


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